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Company 3’s Heydar Adel:
The role of today’s online editor

Workflows for episodic TV have changed a lot over the last several years, sometimes daily. A role that has gone largely underappreciated in the process is online editor. Senior online editor Heydar Adel is no stranger to the process, having served in that role for over 17 years. While he has only been with Deluxe’s Company 3 in Santa Monica since last year, he is no stranger to Deluxe itself — he held a similar role at the company’s Encore facility for seven years prior to this recent move.

In describing his current role at Company 3, which provides high-end post services to feature film, commercial, music video and television clients, he says, “I primarily do conforming, which is essentially recreating what the picture editors are doing using smaller, more user-friendly files like Avid DNX-36, but with the larger and more robust files that our colorists works with. That could be a camera-original file format like r3d or ArriRaw, or it could be DPX/EXR, depending on the client’s requirements.”

In addition to the actual conforming of the files, he says, the process almost always involves creating some visual effects. “Elaborate effects and CGI work will go to an effects facility, but I do quite a lot of wire or mic removal, reframing, compositing and those kinds of effects. So that can be clean-up, stabilizations, laptop comps, cell phone comps, gunplay — like sparks and smoke — and those types of things.”

Adel makes it clear that he’s not changing the story or making creative decisions, “but the level of polish on a show is quite different when I get done with it than when I first get it.”

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Carbon’s Frank Devlin on
expanding his VFX biz to Chicago

By  Randi Altman

Carbon, an established visual effects, motion graphics and design company with offices in
New York and Los Angeles, recently expanded
to Chicago and set up within editing house Whitehouse Post.

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How to get hired,
and how to get hired again

By  David Jasse

Over the last 15 years, I’ve interviewed many potential job candidates — full-time and freelance — for my post and production company DMJ Studios… and I’ve seen it all! I’m a people person, so I always look for the best, but to be honest, some of the folks who have come in for interviews have left me speechless.

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