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Editing an Empire for Fox
By Ellen Wixted

Zack Arnold dreamed of being an editor before he even knew the job existed. As a kid, he and his brother shot short films with a VHS camcorder — but it wasn’t until his brother added music that the process captured his imagination. Before long, he was using two VCRs to re-mix existing movies, and loving every minute of the process.

Happily for Arnold, that’s still true today. After studying film at the University of Michigan, Arnold moved to LA, where he quickly landed a job editing trailers. That led to work on indie features, and eventually episodic TV. Editing Burn Notice was a breakthrough moment (one that lasted four seasons), and the experience opened other doors.

Arnold worked with show runner Ilene Chaiken on a medical drama that was cancelled, but the partnership was solid, so when Chaiken was named an executive producer on Fox’s Empire, Arnold was brought on board as well. He edited the entire first season and was on through Episode 15 of season two. He’s currently working on a new series for Paramount called Shooter. “I’m an additional editor on the pilot and will be editing three additional episodes, including the season finale. It’s a 10-episode first season.”

I asked Arnold, who cut the show on Avid Media Composer, what makes Empire different from other shows, and his response was lightning-quick: “Empire requires an unusually varied skill set of its editors. Every episode combines elements of performance, comedy and drama. The musical numbers are so high-energy and require a lot of style. To make sure the jokes hit, you need to have great comedic timing. And weaving it all together is a performance-driven character drama, which requires a different approach.”

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Butcher editor Dave Henegar on his directorial debut Be Brave
By  Randi Altman

I imagine many editors have at some point in their careers considered what it would be like to direct some of the projects they cut — to get up from the workstation and get behind the camera. Well, based on that scenario, Butcher’s Dave Henegar can be considered a very lucky man. The co-founder and partner of Butcher in Santa Monica is a hands-on editor, but he was recently asked to make his directorial debut on Be Brave, a spot for financial brand Athene Holding, which he also edited.

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The Third Floor’s Eric Carney on the evolution of previs

When people hear the word previs, they likely think of visual effects, but today’s previs goes way beyond VFX. Our industry is made up of artists who think visually, so why not get a mock-up of what a scene might look like before it’s shot, whether it includes visual effects or not?

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Review: RTW Continuous Loudness Control
By Tarcisio Longobardi

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