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My pick for this year's gamechanger
is Lytro light field camera
By Isaac Spedding

There has been a lot of buzz around what the gamechanger was at this year's NAB show. What was released that will really change the way we all work? I was present for the conference session where an eloquent Jon Karafin, head of Light Field Video, explained that Lytro has created a camera system that essentially captures every aspect of your shot and allows you to recreate it in any way, at any position you want, using light field technology. Typically, with game changing technology comes uncertainty from the established industry, and that was made clear during the rushed Q+A session, where several people (after congratulating the Lytro team) nervously asked if they had thought about the fate of positions in the industry which the technology would make redundant. Jon’s reply was that core positions won’t change, however, the way in which they operate will. The mob of eager filmmakers, producers and young scientists that queued to meet him (I was one of them) was another sign that the technology is incredibly interesting and exciting for many.

“It’s a birth of a new technology that very well could replace the way that Hollywood makes films." These are words from Robert Stromberg (DGA), CCO and founder of The Virtual Reality Company, in the preview video for Lytros’ debut film Life, which will be screened on Tuesday to an audience of 500 lucky attendees."

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Dolby Audio at NAB 2016
By Jonathan Abrams

Dolby, founded over 50 years ago as an audio company, is elevating the experience of watching movies and TV content through new technologies in audio and video, the latter of which is a relatively new area for the company’s offerings. This is being done with Dolby AC-4 and Dolby Atmos for audio, and Dolby Vision for video. In this post, the focus will be on Dolby’s audio technologies.

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NAB: The making of Jon Favreau’s The Jungle Book
By Bob Hoffman

In a packed theater conference room at NAB, the curtain was slightly pulled back during a panel on the making of director Jon Favreau’s cinematic wonder, The Jungle Book. Moderated by ICG Magazine editor David Geffner, Oscar-winning VFX supervisor Rob Legato, ASC, along with Jungle Book producer Brigham Taylor and Technicolor master colorist Mike Sowa fascinated the packed room with stories of the making and finishing of the hit film.

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