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The A-List: Miles Ahead director and
lead actor Don Cheadle
By Iain Blair

The multi-faceted Don Cheadle has starred in
some 80 movies, both big (Avengers: Age of Ultron,
the Ocean’s and Iron Man franchises) and small (Hotel Rwanda), and produced various TV shows and films.

Now he can add director to his resume, thanks to his passion project and labor of love, Miles Ahead, a wild —  and wildly entertaining — free-form biopic of jazz legend Miles Davis. Cheadle not only co-wrote, produced and directed the film, he also stars as the raspy-voiced pioneering musician whose improvisational approach and ambitious forays into rock-jazz fusion helped define modern jazz.

Set in the late ‘70s over the course of a five-year period, Miles Ahead paints a no-holds portrait of the mercurial Davis battling drug addiction and ghosts from the past as he embarks on an adventure with a music reporter (played by Ewan McGregor) to recover a stolen tape of his latest compositions.

I recently met with Cheadle  to talk about making the film, which was shot on a combination of film and digital formats.

You certainly jumped in the deep end for your first film as director — a period piece, about jazz, starring a black trumpeter. Financing must have been so easy.
So easy! No problem! We were very fortunate at the beginning… In 2006, we set it up at HBO — it was also going to get a theatrical release — but then the recession hit in 2008 and it was a disaster. That deal fell apart, the writers went away and we were back to square one with me playing Miles.

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Nvidia’s GTC 2016: VR, A.I. and
self-driving cars, oh my!

By Mike McCarthy

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference, GTC 2016. Five thousand people filled the San Jose Convention Center for nearly a week to learn about GPU technology and how to use it to change our world.

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Quick Chat: Reel FX’s EP/head of production Jim Riche
By Randi Altman 

Industry veteran Jim Riche has seen the evolution of visual effects in his over 30 years in the business. He has seen the march from film to digital, large VFX houses crumble, work go out of the country, smaller VFX boutiques pop up and VFX houses diversifying with other services. 

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GoPro launches
Developer Program

By Brady Betzel

Lytro camera captures light field data on all frames

Creative Thievery: Who
owns the art?

By Kristine Pregot’s Emery Wells talks Premiere Pro collaboration

Las Vegas SuperMeet adds VR/360 to event coverage

Panasas intros DirectFlow NAS for Mac

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