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Cutting Transparent: A conversation with editor Catherine Haight
By Ellen Wixted

Amazon Studio’s original series Transparent has made history for its representation of the trans community, but it may be having an even bigger impact on the way the entertainment world does business. With 11 Emmy nominations — including for Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing for A Comedy Series — and five wins, Transparent validates the company’s original programming strategy as it goes head-to-head with the likes of HBO and Netflix. With Season 2 of Transparent set to “air” December 4, the show’s enthusiastic fan base (myself included) may be scheduling a weekend of pre-holiday binge watching.

Using an approach that’s been described as very “un-Hollywood,” Amazon Studios is setting out to change both the relationship between the studio and the creators — the studio is touting an openness to developing great stories from visionary directors and outsiders alike — and with audiences, by using innovative approaches to invite audience feedback. When Jill Soloway sold the Transparent pilot to Amazon in 2013, the studio had yet to make waves. With Transparent, Amazon Studios is now squarely on Hollywood’s map.

I spoke with veteran editor Catherine Haight, a long-time collaborator of Transparent’s creator Soloway, about her path as an editor and the experience of working on the show.

After majoring in art with a concentration in film at Occidental College, Haight began her career as a production assistant, then spent time logging footage and learning how a cutting room works before becoming an assistant editor. Haight began working with Soloway when she edited her short film Una Hora Por Favora, and then edited Soloway’s independent film Afternoon Delight (which premiered at Sundance in 2013). The two continued collaborating on Seasons 1 and 2 of Transparent. “Jill and I communicate well, and because we have a long history of working together, I know what she’s looking for,” Haight notes.

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Creating the score for IFC’s Gigi Does It
By Jennifer Walden

Picture a sweet, blue-haired grandma, who bakes pies, knits and reminisces about the good old days. Then meet Gigi Rotblum, the lead character in the IFC series Gigi Does It. She is a foul-mouthed bubbe who likes to kibitz about… well, just about anything. But even though she’s got the mouth of a sailor, is neurotic and often inappropriate, there’s still something charming about this Jewish grandmother, played by actor David Krumholtz. The show follows the 77-year-old Boca Raton widow as she finds odd ways to spend the remaining days of her twilight years.

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Quick Chat: Northern Lights editor Chris Carson on Globetops campaign

Northern Lights editor Chris Carson has teamed up with the 
global non-profit Globetops — which collects used laptops and donates them to people in need of computers worldwide — in 
order to tell the stories of entrepreneurs in need of access to technology in Guinea.

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