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Banshee associate producer 
Gwyn Shovelski talks VFX

By Randi Altman

For those of you lucky enough to have discovered Banshee on Cinemax, you know just how fun a ride it can be… and just how violent. The amount of blood spilled would make Quentin Tarantino proud.

The show recently finished its third season of action-packed goodness, and while the episodes featured many in-your-face visual effects — I urge you to check out “Chayton’s Death Scene” on YouTube — courtesy of Zoic Studios, there were also many effects that were just, well, face effects.

If you are a viewer, you know that most of the characters aren’t who they appear to be, and the audience is let in on their back stories via flashbacks. That is where Technicolor Flame artist Paul Hill comes in… de-aging for a few cast members in a digital, yet seamless, way.

But that’s not all Technicolor provides, says the show’s associate producer, Gwyn Shovelski. She typically hands Hill 50-plus shots per episode, ranging from a modesty patch (it is Cinemax so there might be a lot of these) to costume fixes, monitor comps, cosmetic fixes, de-aging, boom shadows, muzzle flash additions, crew and/or equipment removal, reflections and flares.

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Behind the Title: Northern Lights editor Chris Carson
"My feeling as an editor, and clients have told me they feel the same way, is that it’s pretty nice to walk downstairs and chat with the director, colorist or sound designer, even before a job starts. Northern Lights (which includes Bodega, SuperExploder and Mr. Wonderful) handles everything – concepts and strategy, shooting, editing, graphics, music composition. All the parts can work together or separately depending on the job."

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Scoring Netflix’s Marco Polo series
The original Netflix series Marco Polo, produced by The Weinstein Company, stars Lorenzo Richelmy as the Italian explorer Marco Polo and his early life in the court of Kublai Khan. There is worldly adventure, sex, violence and sweeping scores. Netflix has already ordered a second 10-episode season.

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