Mark Corbin’s Top Ten list: Why Audio Engineers Deserve Respect

Mark Corbin is a busy man with two full-time jobs. One of which is working for Avid in console systems support for S6, S5, Venue and ICON. “In a nut shell it means I commission new consoles and help diagnose and resolve existing console issues. I get to meet amazing people and see amazing facilities,” he says.

When he’s not working for Avid, Corbin is an audio post supervisor at New York City’s Corbin Sound, working on television shows or films. “It keeps me very busy, but very fulfilled. I have a fantastic group of audio editors who often work with me on my projects in various capacities.”

So what does supervising entail? For Corbin it means wearing a lot of hats, keeping the clients happy and helping get their project to where they envision it on time and in budget. He says it also involves doing some editing and mixing. “I enjoy doing the mix when I supervise getting to bring all of the elements together, but will often perform the dialogue edit as well.” He relies on his team for sound design, Foley and backgrounds.

Recently he and his team finished up Obvious Child starring Jenny Slate, Jake Lacy, David Cross and others. They also wrapped up Simply Laura on the Cooking Channel and continue to mix the ASP World Champion Tour for ESPN.

When he does have some spare time he enjoys “an excellent glass of bourbon, spending time with my wife and two dogs, and smokin’ up some Texas-style BBQ.

Last week, postPerspective ran Howard Bowler’s Top Ten list about audio engineers. Corbin followed suit. Enjoy!

10) Telling a story without words is a rare art!
9) They drink the best bourbon.
8) They know how to translate a director’s imagination into a cohesive scene.
7) Who else knows that silence is golden?
6) The Super Bowl always sounds better at their house
5) The picture only tells half the story.
4) An excellent edit/mix is one that goes unnoticed
3) They don’t use Apple ear buds.
2) They have the ability to see the forest through the trees.

And the Number One reason to respect an audio engineer:

They have an amazing attention to detail!

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