HPA Tech Retreat 2017

re [Design Group] Greg Ciaccio talks about the benefits he gets from the HPA Tech Retreat including the panels. In

We chatted with VP of Technology & Innovation at Eclair Cedric LeJeune during the 2017 HPA Tech Retereat. Eclair has post

Executive Director of the HPA Barbara Lang during the HPA Tech Retreat talks about how the event has grown so

DP Mark Weingartner ASC works mainly on VFX projects and has collaborated a number of times with Christopher Nolan. He

Chatting with Efilm's Jocham "JZ" Zell during the 1017 HPA Tech Retreat. Thanks to the HPA BlackMagic Design MXL Audio

At the 2017 HPA Tech Retreat in Indian Wells California Technicolor Postworkds Joe Beirne fills us in on the NYC--based