Adobe 2016

MTI Film was at the HPA Tech Retreat this year showing a preview of Version 5 of its Cortex product

At Adobe Max 2016, Adobe's Jason Levine fills us in on the newest offerings from the software maker.

While at Adobe Max, Dell's Gary Radburn - director of AR and VR - demo'd 360 video running on Dell

Andy Rahden from Pluralsight, an online training and education company, fills us in on their new online mentorship program, among

Dave Warner from Adobe's Character Animator Team talks about capturing performance with Character Animator and working in AR.

Industry icon Richard Edlund (Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Arc, Alien and so many more) sits on the board

We visited OptiTrack's Brian Niles on the show floor at SIGGRAPH 2016 to get a demo of their new

Dave Frederick from Quantum came by our booth this year to talk about why it was important for the company

At the SIGGRAPH 2016 show, we checked in with ILM's Vick Schutz, who was computer graphics supervisor on the