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Meet the Artist: Silver Mountain Productions’ Walter Silverberg Jr.

NAME: Walter Silverberg, Jr.

COMPANY: Plano, Texas-based Silver Mountain Productions (@SMPCompany)

We are a full-service video production company. We are highly experienced in live production with single and multi-camera production and producing broadcast-style packages.

President and Chief Marketing Officer.

I am very hands-on in the overall management of the company — from finding and interfacing with clients to giving overall direction to projects. I give general oversight to all areas of the Continue reading

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Quick Chat: Editor Chris Peterson takes on ‘The Sixties’ for CNN

By Randi Altman

What do you think of when someone mentions the 1960s? Hippies protesting the Vietnam War? Woodstock? Putting a man on the moon? There is so much to reflect on when thinking of this pivotal time in history, and CNN agrees.

At the end of May, the news network launched a 10-part original series, called The Sixties. It airs on Thursday nights. The series takes a closer look at the moments in a decade that brought the civil rights movement, the assassinations of JFK, Martin Luther King, Jr., Robert Kennedy and Malcolm X, the Vietnam War, the British Invasion and so much more.

The Sixties has some big-named Emmy Award-winning producers behind it: Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman (HBO’s John Adams and The Pacific) of Playtone, and Mark Continue reading

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Meet Light Iron co-founder/VP of operations Katie Fellion

NAME: Katie Fellion

COMPANY: LA- and NYC-based Light Iron (@light_iron)

Light Iron asks creatives what is important for them to tell their stories, and then pairs those answers with specific technologies to create the best pictures possible.

Sometimes we create a new tool or process to accomplish those goals. Sometimes we repurpose how a current technology is being used. But we package all that innovation and experimentation under the auspices of post-production services for on-set mobile dailies and picture finishing so we can continue to develop our creative and technological curiosity as well as pay our bills.

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Review: Divergent Media’s EditReady

By Brady Betzel

Before I became a full-time editor, I spent over four years as an assistant editor. Prior to that I spent four years as a post production coordinator/post supervisor. In those various roles, I have seen tons of tape and file formats come and go over the years. I have also seen the many different workflows people have used to get footage into a system, and most of the time it’s either wrong or overly complicated.

Sony has a solid solution using file-based and tape-based media with the XDCAM format: simultaneously writing low-resolution proxy files and high-resolution files for mastering. While XDCAM had its kinks at first, it’s a pretty proven method these days, at least in reality television production where I work. Once the GoPro camera came along, the file-based camera workflow really kicked into high gear.

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Meet the Owner: Tone Visuals’ Brian Buongiorno

NAME: Brian Buongiorno

COMPANY: Austin, Texas-based Tone Visuals.

We are a post-production boutique specializing in digital color grading, 2D visual effects and finishing. We also have Tone Tags, which is a custom searchable database platform that we can provide for our clients.

Creative Director/Colorist-Finishing Artist/Founder

I am involved in all aspects of our work, from bidding and pre-production to on-set VFX supervision to dailies, final color grading, VFX and finishing.

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main video collaboration, media access, task management in the cloud

By Randi Altman

We all know that the world and how people communicate and share information has changed — it’s instant and it’s global — and that change has trickled down to the production and post industries. While clients still come to see their projects worked on live and in person, that is no longer the norm. Instead, clients and collaborators can be at different sides of the globe or maybe just across town and not wanting to deal with traffic.

Regardless of the situation, more and more collaboration is happening remotely with the help of the Internet and applications designed to allow instant access and the ability to give feedback.

One recent offering is from It’s a cloud-based collaboration platform for media Continue reading

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Quick Chat: Dive’s Ed Mendez on VFX for ‘The Leftovers’

By Randi Altman

HBO’s new series The Leftovers has been a ray of sunshine in what is typically a gray summer of television fare. Not that the show — which focuses on how the world and, in particular, a small town in suburban New York deals after two percent of the earth’s population randomly vanishes — is sunny in any way, but it’s compellingly good television.

The town of Mapleton is filled with those who are handling the disappearance of loved ones (almost everyone has lost someone) in their own way, some believing it was The Rapture, others thinking they are being punished, a few embracing their dark side and some ignoring their misery and just plowing through each day. It’s a great study in how one singular event could touch people in so many different ways.

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Larry Jordan offers discounted and tailored training to schools, students

By Randi Altman

Agoura Hills, California-based Larry Jordan & Associates, headed by industry vet and long-time trainer Larry Jordan, is now offering educational institutions as well as students discounted pricing and specially tailored training.

These discounts apply to tools professional editors are using out there in the world, including Apple Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro. Jordan and company will also make additional educational support materials available as well as the training.

On the heels of this announcement, we reached out to Jordan for some details.

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VFX Chat: Digital Domain discusses its work on ‘Maleficent’

By Randi Altman

The Disney hit movie train keeps rolling along, with audiences getting on board at every stop; this time it’s Maleficent’s turn. The studio has taken a classic animated villain, Maleficent, and put her into a live-action film, starring Angelina Jolie as the title character.

Directed by Robert Stromberg, the story is a “re-imagining” of the classic Sleeping Beauty, but from Maleficient’s perspective. There are battles and fairies and magical wings. All of which imply visual effects.

One of the houses called on to help was Digital Domain, which provided 540 shots for the film, which was more than originally thought. As the show went through some adjustments, that number grew.

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Quick Chat: MPC New York’s color grading team

By Randi Altman

Three years ago, London-based MPC grew its footprint even further — they also have offices in LA, Vancouver, Bangalore, Montreal, Amsterdam and Mexico City — opening its doors in New York City and focusing on the advertising community. Since then they have been adding talent as their needs grew.

The most recent addition is executive producer of color grading Adina Birnbaum, who comes to the VFX and color house with a resume that includes time at some big-name agencies, including BBDO, EnergyBBDO, Mullen and Havas. She was most recently at Pure Growth, as managing partner.

Birnbaum oversees all aspects of color grading, working with colorists James Tillett (who Continue reading