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Tutorial: Using Trim editing in Premiere Pro CC 2015

By Sean “Premiere Bro” Schools

Premiere Pro CC 2015 brought more to editors than awesome color grading tools and magical transitions. The new release also brought several enhancements to Premiere Pro’s trimming capabilities.

If you’re a Premiere Pro editor who has never edited in Trim Mode, CC 2015 is the time and version to start. This post highlights three new trim features along with many tips for maximizing the efficiency of Trim Mode editing in Premiere Pro.

1. Trim and Nudge Share Shortcut
Trim and Nudge can use the same keyboard shortcut. Premiere Pro blog: https://blogs.adobe.com/premierepro/2015/06/premiere-pro-cc-2015.html.

Shortcut sharing sounds like chaos: two editing functions — Trim and Nudge — battling it out underneath the keyboard for priority. Continue reading

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Behind the Title: rof vfx’s John Myers

NAME: John Myers @jmyersrof

COMPANY: rof vfx (Ring of Fire)

We are a ninja chameleon that can bench press 5,000 pounds plus and run a sub :01 second 40, all day, every day! We are also an award-winning visual arts, effects and animation company (with offices in Santa Monica and New York) that works across all platforms, specializing in custom creative approaches. We specialize in high-end seamless effects, including animation, 2D & 3D compositing, motion graphics design and finishing for all formats and mediums.

Executive Producer/Visual Effects Supervisor

WHAT DOES THAT ENTAIL? Continue reading

‘Jurassic World': Dinos find their inner animal via Skywalker Sound

By Jennifer Walden

So the makers of Jurassic World are, quite obviously, asking you to suspend your disbelief. This disbelief might just focus on the fact they are asking you to accept that a group of super-positive thinking people (or maybe super-stupid) thought that opening up a theme park where dinosaurs once again roam the earth was a good idea. Especially since it has gone so spectacularly bad at parks featured in earlier movies.

Yes, the idea of re-opening the same park again and again and expecting that people won’t get eaten again and again is a bit crazy, right? Well, the only thing insane about Jurassic World is that it is insanely awesome! Continue reading

Answering questions about ‘the cloud’

By Randi Altman

The cloud is everywhere. Workflows, as well as companies making tools for those workflows, are popping up all over, but still some post pros are dubious. What exactly is the cloud? How will it help beyond regular workflows? How does it keep my assets secure? Those are just some questions being thrown around by those who have yet to make the transition.

We thought reaching out to a company that capitalized on the cloud early and from a post production perspective might be a good way to get some of these questions answered.

David Peto owned London-based post house Unit Post Production until 2009 when he started Aframe, a cloud platform that enables teams and organizations to collaborate, Continue reading

Tim West

Behind the Title: Formosa Group mixer Tim West

NAME: Tim West

COMPANY: Formosa Group‘s Villa commercial division.

Audio post for features, TV and commercials. We have sound editorial teams working on different feature projects.

Commercial and ADR mixer.

I record, edit and mix commercials for TV, radio and theatrical presentations and replace dialog for movies and TV shows.

The amount of file management and the printer problems I deal with.

WHAT TOOLS DO YOU USE? Continue reading


Behind the Title: NoiseFloor sound designer Stosh Tuszynski

Name: Stosh Tuszynski @stosh_t

Company: NoiseFloor

Can you describe your company?
NoiseFloor is a full-service audio facility located in the River North neighborhood of Chicago. We do everything from sound design to composition to ADR to mixing. If it makes a sound, we do it!

What’s your job title?
Sound Designer

What does that entail?
A lot of things! But I suppose when it comes down to it, it means coming up with a concept for a soundtrack that helps evoke the message that a piece is trying to communicate. Wow, I made that sound elegant. Continue reading

‘Wolf Hall’ DP Gavin Finney: modern tech for a period drama

By Ellen Wixted

Based on Hilary Mantel’s Booker Prize-winning novels, Wolf Hall was adapted by the BBC in conjunction with PBS as a six-part series for television.  When the show first aired in the UK in January on BBC Two, the first episode attracted nearly six million viewers. In the US, the April premiere drew 4.4 million viewers on PBS and through streaming services.

Capturing the volatile mix of sex, politics and religion that defined Henry VIII’s Britain, Wolf Hall was directed by Peter Kosminsky and shot entirely on location by cinematographer Gavin Finney, BSC. The show stars Mark Rylance as Thomas Cromwell, Claire Foy as Anne Boleyn and Damien Lewis as Henry VIII. Continue reading


Behind the Title: MPC’s Will MacNeil

NAME: Will MacNeil

COMPANY: MPC  @mpc_adv, @mpc_film

MPC is an international creative studio. You’ll find our work just about everywhere, from the VFX sequences in feature films like Godzilla to a mobile app for the X-Factor series, and everything in between. I work in our motion design studio in London. This is technically our advertising department, and we do a lot of commercial work. But we also make pop promos, virals and film titles.

I’m a senior motion designer and director. We’re not afraid of long job titles here. Continue reading

Blog: Sight, Sound & Story takes you inside the edit suite

By Eugene Vernikov

Just over a week ago, I sat it in on a number of panels at the Sight, Sound & Story event. All provided invaluable insights into the editing and creation of stories in four major sub-genres of entertainment editing — reality television, documentary, television (broadcast/streaming) and narrative.

The Sight Sound and Story event, organized by Manhattan Edit Workshop took place at the NYIT Auditorium in New York City. The first panel was on reality TV editing, which included Alanna Yudin (Ink Master, Mob Wives), Joe Schuck (Alaskan Bush People, Best Funeral Ever) and Julie “Bob” Lombardi (Teen Mom OG, Town of the Living Dead). Continue reading

Warsaw’s Dreamsound develops new spin on Dolby Atmos

This Poland-based studio offers full-service post and a newly installed Atmos mix stage.

By Mel Lambert

Back in 2012, when the owners of Warsaw, Poland-based Dreamsound Studios were contemplating a new re-recording stage, they were invited to Dolby’s European headquarters in Wootton Bassett in England to evaluate the Atmos immersive sound system, which they hoped to install. “But we also decided to conduct our own studies into the correlation between Atmos panning and the localization of phantom sound sources,” recalls Dreamsound co-partner Marcin Kasiński.

Using various samples of filtered pink noise directed at experienced listeners from nine targeted locations around a central seating area, Kasiński and his partner Kacper Habisiak — both graduates from The Frederic Chopin University of Music’s sound engineering department, Continue reading