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Behind the Title: REC Films Ryan Chatel

NAME: Ryan Chatel

COMPANY: Long Island, New York’s REC Films

We’re an independent film company that specializes in the producing, production and post work — all that goes into a video production.

I am the founder of REC Films and therefore my I have many roles, which  include creative direction, client management, producing, directing, cinematography, editing and visual effects.

So, I am responsible for creating, managing and producing a product for a client as well as finding clients. This has been for commercials, music videos, web content, marketing Continue reading


Quick Chat: Atomic Fiction’s Kevin Baillie on recent expansion

By Randi Altman

Last week, Oakland-based VFX house Atomic Fiction announced they were expanding with a 15,000-square-foot studio in Montreal, taking advantage of the large talent base of visual effects artists in the area. The first project in that office is The Walk, a feature about French high-wire artist Philippe Petit. It is co-produced, co-written and directed by Robert Zemeckis.

Atomic Fiction co-founder and VFX supervisor Kevin Baillie worked with Zemeckis on the film Flight, creating the inverted airplane sequence and landing, among other shots. The work was nominated for a VES Award.

Best known for its visual effects work on movies such as Star Trek Into Darkness, Transformers Age of Extinction and Need for Speed, Atomic Fiction has two Oscar-noms for its VFX work: Star Continue reading

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Quick Chat: Aardman’s EP Heather Wright

By Randi Altman

At first blush, when people think of Aardman Animations, they might imagine clay-animated, stop-motion projects such as Wallace and Gromit, Chicken Run or even Peter Gabriel’s music video Sledgehammer. But that type of work is only a part of Aardman’s current offerings, which are now almost evenly divided, with 60 percent of is work being stop-motion and 40 percent CG.

Back in 1999, this Bristol, UK-based studio opened its CGI department; an interactive team followed in 2005. In 2006 they released their first computer animated film, Flushed Away, and since then they have been working in all mediums regularly.

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The long road to restoring Neil Young’s ‘Human Highway’

By Jennifer Walden

In one or two words, how would you describe rock legend Neil Young? Folky? Serious? Environmentally-conscious? Politically-conscious? How about “goofy?” Yes, goofy.

I was recently surprised to learn that Mr. Young does indeed have a silly side (one with a message, of course), as is evidenced by his comedic musical Human Highway (1982), which he wrote, co-directed (under the pseudonym Bernard Shakey) and starred in along with Dean Stockwell. The film also starred Sally Kirkland, Russ Tamblyn, Dennis Hopper and Devo band members.

The film, an apocalyptic satire set in the Cold War era, follows the inhabitants of a small town positioned near a nuclear power plant. Young plays a nerdy mechanic named Lionel who Continue reading


Review: Autopilot Camera Stabilizer from ProAm USA

By Brady Betzel

In the last five years, content creation and distribution has exploded. Every person with a smartphone has the ability to create outstanding content. Think about it… everyone with an iPhone has a fully capable 1080p video camera in his or her pocket at all times. So once the explosion of random, and frankly terrible content settled (or is currently settling), viewers were looking for quality not just quantity.

YouTube has been instrumental in content distribution; the amount of content is truly amazing if you allow yourself to get lost down the YouTube rabbit hole. So the question becomes: How do I set myself apart from the other million YouTube content creators? If you’re a kid who wants to make skateboard videos, how do you go beyond the now standard “crazy” GoPro angle? Or how do you save time in post by not having to stabilize every piece of footage you Continue reading

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Behind the Title: Nomad editor Jason Kileen

Name: Jason Kileen

Company: Nomad, with offices in Santa Monica, New York and London.

Can you describe Nomad a bit?

Nomad is primarily focused on traditional offline editing. We also offer finishing and have graphic artists and sound designers at our disposal to give a creative vision its life.

What I love about Nomad as a company, besides the level of work we do, is that the culture from top to bottom promotes learning and creativity in every aspect of the job, all the way from management to the vault. Everyone is so supportive here.

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IBC Blog: How I spent my last day at the show

By Chris Ryan

There was so much to cover at the IBC show in Amsterdam, but I’ve tried to share as much as I could about the experience and the technology I’ve seen. Here is one more for you. I hope you’ve enjoyed my insights!

One of the most interesting items I saw at this year’s show was NCAM, which is a camera tracking system that uses a small sensor bar mounted at the front of a camera, which captures positional and rotational data as well as focal length. It feeds that info into its tracking server. This allows all that info to be fed into third-party applications so motion graphics or 3D objects can be placed into the shot so they appear as if they’re part of the landscape. NCAM had a spot in FilmLight’s booth, so I was able to get a demo of their system.

Continue reading

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Behind the Title: EFilm colorist Mitch Paulson

NAME: Mitch Paulson

COMPANY: Hollywood’s EFilm

EFilm is a Deluxe company that provides digital finishing for a lot of major feature releases. The company has been around for more than 20 years and was among the very first to do high-end, digital finishing for features.


I’m responsible for coloring the movie, which involves many different kinds of changes to the images. Some of the work involves “fixing” something that might have had a little issue with Continue reading


IBC Blog: The age of archives

By Tom Coughlin

With the flood of video content being created due to the ease and cost-effectiveness of digital video capture and production and the decreasing costs of storage, digital content saved for the long term will explode. Moving from today’s HD to 4K UHD and then to 8K UHD and at higher frame rates will require greater storage capacities and more sophisticated data management services.

During the IBC 2014 Oracle announced that it was acquiring Front Porch Digital (FPD). Front Porch Digital adds storage management features to Oracle that should complement current Oracle storage products. FPD has been using Oracle tape systems for some time in its largest archives. FPD was the champion and promoter of the AFX storage format that has been adopted as a SMPTE standard. This standard has become popular with many FPD customers Continue reading


IBC Blog: color grading, end to end post, more

By Chris Ryan

We had three meetings today: Filmlight, SGO and Rohde & Schwarz. Here’s the rundown…

Nice Shoes currently uses FilmLight’s Baselight system for color grading, so we went to their booth first to touch base on new products and to get a feel for where they’re heading in the future.

Their big product this year is the Daylight (main photo), which allows users to have access to Baselight’s amazing color science technology without having to invest in a full Baselight system. It’s pretty much a Baselight without a timeline. It’s being marketed as FilmLight’s on-set grading Continue reading