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Quick Chat: Walter Biscardi on his new Creative Hub co-op

Post production veteran and studio owner Walter Biscardi has opened The Creative Hub within his Atlanta-area facility Biscardi Creative Media (BCM). This co-op workspace for creatives is designed to offer indie filmmakers and home-based video producers a place to work, screen their work, meet with clients and collaborate.

Biscardi has had this idea in the back of his head for the past few years, but it was how he started his post company that inspired The Creative Hub. After spending years at CNN and in the corporate world, Biscardi launched his post business in 2001, working out of a spare bedroom in his house. In 2003 he added 1,200 square feet to the back of his house, Continue reading

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Releases, Updates: We are in this ecosystem together

By Sean Mullen

Just a few weeks ago, Adobe released a major new upgrade to its Creative Cloud services. While these updates are welcomed by the community with excitement, there’s also a period of — for lack of better words — stressful chaos as the third-party software and plug-in developers scramble to ensure their products will be compatible.

When Adobe speaks, the community listens. When Adobe does something new, they listen even closer, because when they do something new, it’s usually something amazing a leap forward that only makes our lives easier and makes our work look that much better. The latest updates to Adobe Creative Cloud are no different.

All of us at Rampant Design are big fans, Continue reading

Quick Chat: Ron Pomerantz brings his experience at Disney to Pongo

Not long ago 25-year-old creative agency Pongo hired Disney veteran Ron Pomerantz. In his new role, Pomerantz is heading up Pongo’s new creative content division for Pongo, where he is responsible for developing strategic content for entertainment and retail brands. The new unit will develop and produce interstitial content, PSAs, commercials and B-to-B integration.

We reached out to LA-based Pomerantz to pick his brain about the move from Disney to Pongo (@GoPongoGo) and what he sees as the future for this veteran agency, whose credits include work for CBS’ CSI: Cyber, ABC’s Shark Tank and Disney Channel’s Teen Beach 2.

How long had you been at Disney, Continue reading

Director Chris Columbus on his new VFX-heavy film ‘Pixels’

Aliens attack Earth using classic videogame characters

By Iain Blair

Academy Award-nominated director/producer Chris Columbus has written, directed or produced some of the most successful box office hits of the past 25 years, with credits that include Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Mrs. Doubtfire, The Help and the Home Alone and Night at the Museum franchises. Not too shabby!

Now Columbus, who got his start writing several original scripts produced by Steven Spielberg — including the back-to-back hits Gremlins and The Goonies — has directed and produced Pixels, Fox’s new action comedy starring Adam Sandler, Continue reading

Howard Bowler

Quick Chat: Hobo’s Howard Bowler talks about his pot reform campaign

By Randi Altman

The president of audio post house Hobo in New York City has a passion project, and it involves legalizing marijuana — you know, weed, pot, grass, Mary Jane, kush, bud. That stuff. The “End Prohibition Now” PSA campaign, which was funded, produced and posted by Hobo, supports reform in marijuana enforcement policies.

The campaign is made up of TV, radio and Internet ads targeting states that will be voting to legalize marijuana. Hobo (@hoboaudio) has made these spots available for free to broadcast outlets and organizations interested in spreading the word about this issue. All of the spots can be customized for different regions. Check out the video spot here, Continue reading


Behind the Title: Empty Sea Audio’s Mark Camperell

NAME: Mark Camperell

COMPANY: LA’s Empty Sea Audio (@Empty_Sea)

We provide sound design, mixing, recording and original music composition for film, TV, games, commercials and the web. Our sister company, The Library by Empty Sea, produces royalty-free sound effects packs.

Supervising Sound Editor/Re-Recording Mixer

I serve as creative lead and manage all of our projects here at Empty Sea Audio. I record sounds in the field for our editors to use. I edit, design and mix our more challenging work. Continue reading

Tips: What I know now but didn’t then

By Brady Betzel

I’ve passed my 10-year anniversary working in TV — specifically post production — and it’s really pretty crazy. When I started, I was an eager beaver willing to listen and do (almost) anything the “important” people told me I should do. Now, while I still like to think I am eager, I like to feel like I am a very informed beaver, albeit a pretty skeptical one.

The following are some myths about building a career based on my personal experience.

The Need to Say Yes to Everything
This one is a little polarizing because it touches on the working for free topic, which I don’t actively support. Continue reading

Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

‘Sharknado 3′: The Asylum’s Mark Quod talks color, post

By Randi Altman

As I sat down to write about the post process on SyFy’s Sharknado 3, the news was full of shark sightings and attacks, including one on a surfer during a competition in South Africa.

While there is nothing funny about the latest happenings, the public’s fascination with these beasts of the ocean continues. Coming on the heels of Discovery’s Shark Week is the latest iteration of the Sharknado series from The Asylum, Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

This time our hero, Fin (Ian Ziering), makes his way from Washington, DC, to Orlando, all the while fighting this killer storm with teeth. Continue reading


Review: G-Tech’s G-RAID removable dual drive system

By Brady Betzel

In our datacentric world, needing storage that exceeds 1TB or 2TB is commonplace. Beyond that, pros typically need something that can be quickly formatted to ever-changing RAID demands. One day I might need a RAID-0 configuration for multimedia tasks, including video editing, and the next day I might want to have a little safety net with RAID-1. Or I might want to treat my RAID as a bunch of different disks so I could eject and insert the drives at different times (known technically as a JBOD — just a bunch of disks).

RAID-0 combines both drives into one larger drive to achieve higher speeds than if separate. RAID-1 duplicates the data being transferred to both drives, Continue reading


Behind the Title: Efilm senior colorist Tim Stipan

NAME: Tim Stipan (@timstipan)

COMPANYEfilm (@EFILMDigitalLab)

Efilm, a Deluxe company, is a feature film finishing house. We are a sister facility to Company 3, and that allows me access to a great wealth of knowledge. When I recently did something in UHD for the first time, I was able to call up CO3 senior colorist Stephen Nakamura, who is one of the few in the world who has experience in UHD, and ask him how he set everything up.

Senior Colorist

WHAT DOES THAT ENTAIL? Continue reading