Behind the Title: Company 3 Smoke artist Matthew Johnson

NAME: Matthew Johnson

COMPANY: Company 3 (@Company3)

Company 3 provides high-end post services to feature film, commercial, music video and television clients. Our services include all aspects of post production, including color correction, editorial finishingand some visual effects compositing.

Smoke Artist

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Filmmaker HaZ Dulull gets in ‘Sync’ with new short film

By Randi Altman

Writer/director/VFX supervisor Hasraf “HaZ” Dulull, whose sci-fi short Project Kronos is currently being adapted into a feature film, recently completed another short, Sync. Dulull says this proof-of-concept piece is part of a package used when developing feature film and TV properties.

Sync’s story is that every 15 seconds, a computer, network or mobile device is hacked by cyber-terrorists. To combat this problem, the fictional Syntek Industries has manufactured data couriers designed from advanced machine robotics. These couriers are known as Syncs, who are programmed to securely deliver data packages without interruption.

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Doug Trumbull helps kick off Devil & Demon Strategy Gen 2

By Randi Altman

A year ago, Silverdraft introduced its Devil & Demon Strategy at a Halloween party on the Henson lot in Hollywood, where the company is based. Since that time pros have been putting those tools to the test in real-world environments, including on the daily Web show YouTube Nation.

A year later, Silverdraft is offering the next-generation of its Devil & Demon Strategy, which is a line of high-performance, custom computers designed and optimized for the media and entertainment industry. The Strategy consists of the mini-supercomputer the Devil, the Demon workstation and the high-performance workstation The Devil’s Advocate, which uses supercomputing technology.

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Talking collaboration with Wipster founder Rollo Wenlock

By Randi Altman

Just over a month ago, Wipster, a cloud-based collaborative video review and approval platform, officially launched after a deliberately lengthy beta program. Created by a filmmaker Rollo Wenlock, this product targets anyone creating video content.

With artists working remotely more than ever these days, as well as clients based all over the world, collaboration tools are becoming more important than ever, as evidenced by just how many there are out there in the market at the moment.

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WorleyWorks talks stereoscopic 3D, HFR and more

By Randi Altman

Earlier this year, Brooklyn-based WorleyWorks, a 2D/3D post stereoscopic production and motion capture studio, became the first New York studio to invest in SGO’s Mistika. Owners Greg and Minah Worley have now integrated the system into their workflow.

The studio invested in a second Mistika in January and just recently purchased the first new Mistika panel in the US — it was shown at NAB and IBC this year. It will be installed in the next three weeks. According to Greg Worley, “The second Mistika is important as a test bed for rolling out updates, as a back-up to our primary Mistika, and serves as our mobile Mistika that we can roll into another studio or on-set.”

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main timothy

Quick Chat: Jarrett Creative Group’s Timothy Dixon

By Randi Altman

Timothy Dixon is creative director/lead editor at New York City-based Jarrett Creative Group. They are an independent production company specializing in reality shows such as TNT’s Boston’s Finest, TLC’s Alaskan Women Looking for Love, TVGN’s Mother of all Talent, and paranormal fare like the long-running Celebrity Ghost Stories, The Haunting Of and I Killed My BFF.

His job is to translate the vision and ideas of the executive producers to what is seen and heard on the screen. “I’m tasked with creating the individual looks and sounds for all of the company’s new projects,” he says. “A one-liner will tell you what a series will ultimately be about, but rarely does it tell you what that series will look like or what it will sound like.”

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leftchannel main

Quick Chat: Leftchannel designs promo for Gateway Film Center

By Randi Altman

When the Columbus, Ohio-based Gateway Film Center needed a new promo to play after all trailers and before their feature and independent films, they called on local motion design studio LeftChannel and its creative director Alberto Scirocco.

Scirocco was brought into the project early on. “We designed it to feature some of the signature architecture of Columbus, treated subtly so that the piece still had universal appeal yet had a particular interest to the local viewers who would recognize the city’s architecture,” he says.

We reached out to Leftchannel‘s Scirocco to find out how they worked with the Film Center to get the promo they had envisioned.

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‘Gone Girl’: Light Iron and David Fincher’s path to 6K

By Daniel Restuccio

Light Iron Post CEO Michael Cioni is an outspoken and passionate advocate of pushing the edge of post technology for the mission of getting the best images possible on screen. David Fincher’s Gone Girl represents the third movie, following The Social Network and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, that Cioni and his team have collaborated on with the director.

“If you are really doing something profound, you can’t solve it in one project,” shares Cioni, whose company has offices in LA and New York. With David Fincher and his team, key ideas don’t get put to the wayside after the movie finishes. “They store it, develop it and improve it, and then it’s re-deployed with more advanced technology on the next project.”

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Nodes 2 After Effectsmain

Review: Yanobox Nodes 2

By Brady Betzel

I realize, as most editors do, that to grow means to be constantly learning. Not a day goes by where I am not on the Web looking for the latest and greatest tools and tutorials to expand my creative toolbox.

When scouring Twitter one day I found Eran Stern’s (@sternfx) demo of Yanobox Nodes 2 from FX Factory (@fxfactory) which he used to create a promo for the After Effects World Conference. While the project required an advanced level of After Effects skill and finesse, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would have been, and Nodes 2 was vital in creating such a spectacular spot.

Here is a link to his breakdown: http://www.sternfx.com/tutorials/140. There are many uses for Nodes 2, and motion graphics creator Jayse Hansen has created some stunning HUD Continue reading


Quick Chat: Cut+Run’s Steve Gandolfi on Rogue ‘Imagination’ spot

By Randi Altman

Remember as a kid imagining monsters under your bed and hiding in closets? Well a new spot for Nissan takes that childhood fear out of the bedroom and amps it up a bit.

Nissan Rogue’s Imagination, out of TBWA\Chiat\Day Los Angeles, features parents and their son heading home on a dark, stormy night. The viewer sees all the safety features that the Rogue has to offer — Moving Object Detection with Around View Monitor, Blind Spot Warning and Forward Collision Warning — but the boy’s very active imagination places danger everywhere, thanks to visual effects supplied by BaconX.

There is a scary tree whose branches seem to be reaching out to grab the car, a growling bear Continue reading