ASC TV nominees and their reactions

The American Society of Cinematographers has named its nominees for the 29th Annual Outstanding Achievement Awards. The winners will be given their statuettes on February 15, during a ceremony in Los Angeles.

“Our members had a very difficult time choosing these nominees from such an incredible field of submissions,” said ASC president Richard Crudo. “They have done superlative work in a very challenging medium, and we salute them.”

The nominees are for Episode of a Regular Series are: P.J. Dillon for Vikings, “Blood Eagle” (History); Jonathan Freeman, ASC for Boardwalk Empire, “Golden Days for Boys and Girls” (HBO); Anette Haellmigk for Game of Thrones, “The Children” (HBO); Christopher Norr for Gotham, “Spirit of the Goat” (Fox); Richard Rutkowski for Manhattan, “Perestroika” (WGN Continue reading

Behind the Title: Light Iron finishing artist Katie Hinsen

NAME: Katie Hinsen

COMPANY: Light Iron New York (@light_iron)

Light Iron New York covers the entire post production process, from mobile dailies to offline editorial to finishing and archiving. We are a small team, but we’re all big nerds who love the challenge of staying ahead of the newest technology and finding creative ways to put it to use, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, and constantly re-defining workflows so our clients can reclaim control over the storytelling process.

Finishing Artist

I am a specialist and a generalist. My job is to take technical responsibility of the picture side of Continue reading


Five Adobe After Effects Shortcuts

By Brady Betzel

As an editor, most of my day is spent inside of Avid Media Composer, but occasionally I will get to turn on my Spotify, groove to the music and crank out some Adobe After Effects or Maxon Cinema 4D work. Over the years I’ve found some shortcuts within After Effects that make my job easier, and I wanted to share five of my favorites… from an editor’s perspective.

Double Click in the project window to import an asset
When importing assets into an Adobe After Effects project I often see people do the archaic: File > Import. Instead, if you just double click in the Project Window you will save yourself a few steps. Simple, but I see it all the time.

Tilde key (`) to make full screen
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‘Fury’ Part I: The Sounds of War

By Jennifer Walden

Having three job titles on a film may seem like a huge undertaking, but it’s actually quite a natural flow — taking the reins at the starting gate and steering a film’s sound from the pre-production phase through the final mix of the sound effects. That’s just what Paul N.J. Ottosson (sound designer, sound re-recording mixer and sound supervisor) has done for every film he’s worked on since 2008’s The Hurt Locker, for which he won two Oscars (Best Sound Editing, Sound Mixing), including 2012′s Zero Dark Thirty, for which he won a Best Sound Editing Oscar.

As the supervising sound editor, sound designer and re-recording mixer for the sound effects on director David Ayer’s Fury, Ottosson was able to take concepts from early conversations with Ayer and maintain those through the final mix. “It’s a good linear process. I Continue reading

Scott second cropped

Checking in with Modern VideoFilm’s new CEO Scott Avila

By Randi Altman

Recently there have been some management changes at Modern VideoFilm, the 30-year-old independently owned LA-based post house. CEO Moshe Barkat and CFO Hugh Miller have left the company and Scott Avila is now CEO. Avila most recently held a similar position with The Culver Studios, where he oversaw a major expansion and renovation.

Others joining the Modern executive team include president Cooper Crouse and CFO Roxanna Sassanian. Longtime Modern VideoFilm execs, such as president of digital media services Bill Watt, president of creative services Mark Smirnoff and EVP/sales Jon Johnson, have taken on added managerial and operational responsibilities. Modern employs nearly 500 people in its Burbank and Santa Monica locations.

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Wolfgang Lempp, co-founder, FilmLight

Quick Chat: FilmLight co-founder Wolfgang Lempp

In what has become a semi-regular column here at postPerspective, we have taken to doing short Q&As with the people behind the products you use. The questions, submitted by pros, are meant to illicit responses that allow users to understand how a company goes about creating, updating and servicing gear for our industry.

This time we spoke to Wolfgang Lempp, who co-founded UK-based FilmLight with Peter Stothart and Steve Chapman in 2002. He and the other co-founders oversee the management of the company, including business and product development, product management and strategic development.

Lempp’s tech credentials are pretty impressive. He has a degree in theoretical physics from Munich University and has been working in the motion picture industry since 1983. Continue reading

Better Vashi and lance

Dell and AMD host events to talk trends and user needs

By Randi Altman

Our industry is one of deadlines and ever-tightening budgets. That all equals less time to get the job done. What helps? Organizational skills, talent and tools that don’t get in your way. That includes workstations with powerful graphics optimized for the software that artists use everyday.

Dell and AMD have been working together to provide powerful and speedy graphics workstations for post pros, but they realize they can’t operate in a vacuum. They need to be out there talking to users and potential users, asking about their workflows and needs.

And recently they did just that, with two cocktail events — one in New York City and the other in Santa Monica, and both produced by my own postproNetwork division — targeting Continue reading

Quick Chat: Aframe’s David Peto on new version, use on ‘Rosewater’

By Randi Altman

Aframe, the cloud video production system that offers collaboration, review and approval, archive and tagging, recently underwent major upgrades designed to make the user experience easier and faster in terms of working with full-res video securely across enterprise environments.

The Aframe Fall 2014 release had its debut the second week in November. For a list of the new features visit Aframe’s website.

In the wake of this new version and the fact that the platform was used on Jon Stewart’s directorial debut Rosewater, postPerspective reached out to Aframe chief executive and co-founder David Peto, who started his career as a producer and ran London’s Unit Post Continue reading


Composer Boris Salchow takes on zombies, humor for ‘Sunset Overdrive’

By Randi Altman

Insomniac Games and Boris Salchow are frequent collaborators, so it was no surprise when the game developer tasked the composer to score the cinematic music for its next-gen shooter zombie game Sunset Overdrive, which was published by Microsoft Studios exclusively for Xbox 1.

The game itself is frenetic in its gameplay, but doesn’t take itself too seriously as proven by the game’s humorous and satirical feel. The German-born Salchow (Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time, Fuse, Resistance 2&3) took great care to make sure the funny didn’t come off as campy or too cute. He also used many different influences, from alt-rock to 1960’s Hollywood orchestral music to zombie horror to spaghetti western to minstrel ballads.

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Mark Corbin’s Top Ten list: Why Audio Engineers Deserve Respect

Mark Corbin is a busy man with two full-time jobs. One of which is working for Avid in console systems support for S6, S5, Venue and ICON. “In a nut shell it means I commission new consoles and help diagnose and resolve existing console issues. I get to meet amazing people and see amazing facilities,” he says.

When he’s not working for Avid, Corbin is an audio post supervisor at New York City’s Corbin Sound, working on television shows or films. “It keeps me very busy, but very fulfilled. I have a fantastic group of audio editors who often work with me on my projects in various capacities.”

So what does supervising entail? For Corbin it means wearing a lot of hats, keeping the clients happy and helping get their project to where they envision it on time and in budget. He Continue reading