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Blog: color grading, end to end post, more

By Chris Ryan

We had three meetings today: Filmlight, SGO and Rohde & Schwarz. Here’s the rundown…

Nice Shoes currently uses FilmLight’s Baselight system for color grading, so we went to their booth first to touch base on new products and to get a feel for where they’re heading in the future.

Their big product this year is the Daylight (main photo), which allows users to have access to Baselight’s amazing color science technology without having to invest in a full Baselight system. It’s pretty much a Baselight without a timeline. It’s being marketed as FilmLight’s on-set grading solution, which works in tandem with their Flip hardware as well as their new Baselight Remote UIsoftware. I was talking to the devs about other possible applications for Daylight beyond on-set Continue reading

The Beach

IBC 2014: quite a ride

By Randi Altman

After spending a week in Amsterdam for the IBC show, I am left with these random thoughts: There is no possible way to pack for whatever weather that city decides to throw at you. It’s hot, then it’s cold, then it’s hot — sometimes at the same moment in time. It’s like the menopause of weather.

I’ve also discovered that the Dutch are trying to kill us, or maybe they are just trying to remind us of Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” theory, with uneven pavement, bikes, scooters, trams, cars, pedestrians, all vying for the same space. Oh, and sometimes you’ll happen upon a set of black steps thrown in for good measure just to keep you from being lulled into a false sense of safety — it’s the cement equivalent of black ice.

I’m not even going to get into their staircases — those ever-winding, incredibly steep and not-made-for-human-sized-feet death traps. All that aside, I love that city. Love it. And, It’s a Continue reading

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DP-V3010 4K Reference Display - 2 Canon small

IBC Blog: reference monitors and more

By Tim Spitzer

When I finally visited Sony in the elusive Hall 12 at the RAI Convention Center in Amsterdam during IBC, I was glad I did!

Sony introduced the first ergonomically sensible 4K camera called the PXW-FS7.
The name might not seduce you, but it’s a beautiful looking and operating camera to fall in love with. The PXW-FS7 has a body profile reminiscent of the Aaton S-16mm “cat sitting on your shoulder” advert, and a handgrip that looks like the modern version of the wooden handgrip that graces the Aaton.

For documentarian or S-16mm shooters who have had to migrate away from film, this gives all the “good of the old” updated with a 35mm sensor, E-mount (also A-mount) for lenses and Continue reading

er-batch@2x-2 copy

EditReady gets V.1.1 update

By Brady Betzel

So while Blackmagic acquired Eyeon Software, Avid announced 4K and higher compatibility in their NLE and Adobe even announced some forthcoming updates at this year’s IBC, there was a free update that you may have missed from Divergent Media. It’s for its OSX transcoder and encoder software EditReady.

You might remember that we previously reviewed EditReady Version 1.0 here on postPerspective.com, and it really stuck out as a great product. With the V.1.1 update out it is making its case to be a go-to in your technical toolbox.

The EditReady V.1.1 update adds the ability to transcode and rewrap MXF media files from cameras such as Canon C300 or Sony F5. What’s cool about this update is that EditReady can automatically detect spanned clips as well as spanned clips across memory cards. In Continue reading

Penta 720

IBC Blog: supporting technology for Pro Tools

By Simon Ray

At the IBC show, I have seen three exciting things that work in and alongside Avid Pro Tools.

First, I had a great demo from Dave Tyler and Simon Sherbourne from Avid of a new collaboration technology potentially being built into Pro Tools (“Audio Collaboration in the Cloud”). This is still currently in development and was an early beta version that was shown at NAB, but I was really excited by the possibilities. It reminded me a lot of a fantastic technology from about 2001 called Rocket Network that failed because it needed the Internet connectivity of 2014.

Very simply, the collaboration tool allows Pro Tools users in different locations to share media Continue reading

LCM-3G-Series-monitors small

IBC Blog: client monitors

By Chris Ryan

One of our days at the IBC show in Amsterdam was spent focusing on monitors.

We at Nice Shoes are on a quest to find suitable replacements for our client monitors, which are currently Panasonic Plasmas. When we redesigned our Nice Shoes color grading suites a few years ago we decided to go for a layout with the colorist to the side or rear of the clients. This helped to create a hybrid theater/living room feel. Part of that design was using high-end professional monitors for the colorist in tandem with “prosumer” level large-screen monitors for our clients.

We felt that this would help simulate the home viewing experience since most viewers have Continue reading


IBC Blog: QC, loudness and high frame rates

By Simon Ray

There is a different feel to the show this year. Last year it felt like there were a lot of new announcements from all the manufacturers I was visiting, but this year feels more like those new announcements have been developed and fully integrated. Last year all the talk was 4K, this year most products have incorporated it and it is working well.

Nine months of investment, redevelopment and refurbishment at Goldcrest has seen a big move into DI, but there were still some areas of the TV picture workflow that needed further investigation. With that in mind we set off to look at some of the file-based QC platforms that are available.

I had looked at some of these last year at IBC, but the first thing that was obvious was the Continue reading

Tim small

IBC Blog: scanners, LTO and SDI

By Tim Spitzer

Although we all know “Film is Dead,” film scanners are popping up all over in an effort to resuscitate the medium.  Three of the new players to my circus of knowledge are:

MWA Nova GmbH, which make realtime scanners in 2.5K and 4K at 5fps, with the 4K, are soon to be realtime flavors. The scanner is capstan-driven (without sprockets), with room for PTR rollers, so looks to be easy on archival film. A laser senses the perf position to modulate the speed of the transport to deal with shrunken perforation pitch. Their gates are available for most known film formats from 35mm down to Super 8.

Blackmagic is offering a 35mm scanner with stabilization software and Resolve thrown in for free. The machine comes with a 35mm gate, and the rollers are milled to also handle S-16mm, Continue reading

photo 2 (1)

IBC Blog: herring and a wish list

By Chris Ryan

I arrived in Amsterdam on Friday at 2pm and was at my usual IBC hotel, The Grand, by 3pm. The Grand was originally a convent built in the 1400s and it’s beautiful.

After a quick refresher I went for a walk since the weather here is gorgeous, sunny and in the low 70s. My first order of business was to get in the proper IBC frame of mind and partake in one of my favorite Dutch treats, and I’m not talking about Cannabis. It’s Herring. Specifically “nieuwe haring” as you would say in Dutch.

Amsterdam is dotted with little herring shacks throughout the city that have various fish snacks and even hot dogs but they specialize in nieuwe haring, which is herring that’s been lightly marinated but is other wise uncooked.

Continue reading

IBC: Quantel and Snell, talk new products, upgrades, transition

In their first joint press conference since Quantel’s acquisition of Snell, the two companies shared the stage to talk about new products and how the integration of the two companies is moving along.

Ray Cross says it’s going very well, while announcing that Robert Rowe and Paul Martin have joined the Quantel board. Neil Maycock is now VP of product strategy. The two entities now also share a common sales team. And the goal, says Cross, is that all production will move to Newbury, Quantel’s main headquarters, by October 14.

Regarding product  news Quantel has updated software for Pablo Rio and Pablo PA.

Enhancements include:
Continue reading